Onsite Dedicated Recruitment Services

Fulfilling your recruitment needs through expert, embedded talent acquisition

You can use our specialist recruitment solution at TalentBee to fill that key hire, or use us to build your complete recruitment function from scratch, and everything in between. Let us help you to build the productive, engaged workforce that will move your company forward. You simply pay us for our time with no additional costs.

How will TalentBee grow your business?

1. Improve current recruitment function including processes, direct hiring, line manager interaction, candidate attraction and employer branding.

2. If you have a recruitment function already in place we can help you by focusing our efforts on building relevant teams, be it in Tech, Finance, Legal, Human Resources or Sales etc. We can also review your current function and advise on improvements.

3. If your teams are pretty much at full capacity, you can use our pro-active headhunters to fill that senior, hard to fill hire.

The right role, the right person, the right fit!

Recognising the skills and competencies that are relevant for your workforce, we connect our clients with exceptional people, matching the right person with exactly the right role.

The key benefits for you

  • We deliver a bespoke recruitment solution that is tailor made for your business, ensuring the right fit for the exact team.
  • One fixed fee. No additional costs / no recruitment fees.
  • Our fixed fee model stays exactly the same regardless of the number of hires.
  • TalentBee sits onsite and will be very approachable to all relevant parties.
  • Our dedicated talent specialists work with you every step of the way.

We’re ready to help grow your team

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